The ABEI US Environmental Team recently traveled to Texas during the last week of May 2023 to conduct project site visits and meet with key stakeholders, including the USACE, city planners, and project developers.

During the weeklong visit, the team gained valuable insights into Texas Permitting Projects, a better understanding of site conditions, and potential restrictions that may not be evident through GIS analysis. Engaging in conversations with city planners and government officials helped address regulatory hurdles and determine the next steps in the permitting and planning process.

The team’s interactions with project developers provided valuable insights into workflow and strengthened relationships. They identified key constraints and site conditions for principal projects, addressed concerns of nearby landowners regarding solar projects, and resolved jurisdictional questions.

This trip enhanced the team’s knowledge of the land development process and fostered stronger collaboration with US counterparts. It further solidified ABEI’s reputation with landowners and regulatory officials. Overall, the trip was instrumental in advancing sustainable land development projects. The team is excited to apply the knowledge gained and continue driving positive change in the industry.