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Who We Are

Emerging from a vision to establish a global presence across five continents, ABEI Energy stands as a testament to forward-thinking and sustainable energy solutions. Guided by an experienced management team, with a rich history of executing projects across Europe and America, we’ve firmly positioned ourselves as leaders in the renewable energy sector.

As an Independent Power Producer (IPP), ABEI Energy is intimately involved at every step of the renewable energy value chain. This comprehensive approach ensures we optimize results at each phase, from conception to completion.

Our commitment runs deep. We’re not just producing energy; we’re championing a transition to zero-emission power generation. We embrace the dual challenge of reducing generation costs while fostering an industry that offers meaningful employment opportunities.

Our comprehensive control over every aspect of our projects, from initial development and financing to tailored engineering and end-to-end asset management, is a testament to our dedication and expertise.

International presence: Europe and America.

Access our policy to learn more about our quality, environment, safety and health system. (Policy QHSE)


Abei has a strong commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. For this reason, Abei implements the ESG criteria for environment, social and good governance into its projects and demands its suppliers to comply with and participate in them. On the one hand, these aspects are enhanced through local contracting agreements, social benefit along with environmental care and the implementation of corrective measures to promote biodiversity. Likewise, Abei is committed to the implementation of policies and processes that guarantee good governance and the correct management of assets. All of this helps to promote the economic, social and environmental aspects of the neighbouring regions.

Furthermore, Abei acquires a commitment with its workers to improve and incorporate aspects such as conciliation, flexibility and workers’ health and safety, and promotes behaviours that favour the integration and well-being of all employees.

Our Experience

ABEI Energy was created in 2007 with the aim of leveraging the immense potential of renewable energy on a global scale throughout five continents.
Led by a management team with a record of more than 80 projects in Europe and the Americas, ABEI Energy is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) that manages full cycle projects for electricity generation from renewable sources. We utilize technologies such as photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind, hydroelectric, and biomass to provide sustainable electricity infrastructure throughout the development of our robust pipeline of utility-scale power projects.

ABEI Energy is a turnkey IPP, which means we manage and optimize each step of the process, from development to operations & maintenance. Currently, ABEI maintains and operates a global portfolio of more than 2.1 gigawatts, with another 7 GW under development in the U.S.

Additionally we take advantage of having such a diversified portofolio developing synergies between our own projects.

  • SOLAR 90% 90%
  • WIND 10% 10%